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Kitchen & Bathroom Makeovers

One of the most important aspects of your home is its appearance. Give your old kitchen and bathroom a facelift by adding our comprehensive, customizable design and installation service. Remodeling services can be expensive, which is why some people choose to do them on their own. But, if you’re looking for qualified advice, it can be difficult to find someone with the skills and experience to make your dream of a beautiful new bathroom or kitchen come true.

Improvement is an emotional journey, and we want to make sure you bring your vision to life without having to make any sacrifices with your budget. With our 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, you can trust in our team’s expertise to transform your dream into reality. We know that when you’re in the kitchen or bathroom, it’s one of the most important rooms in your home and we want to make it a wonderful experience each time someone gets a first time glimps of it. Allow us to start building your dream room today!

Best Painters Around

This service is one of the jobs that I am most proud to perform because although it may seem like an easy task, there are numerous steps that must be taken to achieve a perfect finish to go beyond the expectations of our customers. It is one of our all-around versatile professions because we customize each project according to the client’s preferences and needs. This requires a lot of patience, skills, and creativity.

There are many contractors offering painting services in this area. However, not all of them are good for you, to figure this out, we just need to do some research. One of the questions to ask yourself is: What is their experience in the industry and how is their reputation? For example, at Olam Home Improvement we have more than 20 years serving Nassau County and our good service has helped us to maintain our solid reputation that can be corroborated on our yelp profile. 

Exterior Painting

Whether it is residential or commercial, our services will give your home or workspace a attractive new look. Professional outdoor painting gives your house or workplace an attractive appearance and makes it stand out from the rest of your neighbors.

Exterior Painting

The demand for indoor painting services has grown because people want to see their home as a comfort zone since interior painting is a good way to personalize it and make it warm and appealing. This task needs to be handled with care and precision. The wrong paint job can cost you more than you’d like to spend, while the right one can make your home worth more than you imagine. 

Our team of experienced painters has the talent and training to get the job done quickly while maintaining high-quality standards that keep you happy. Call Today!

Professional, Commercial and Residential Painting Services

Concrete Contractor

When it comes to concrete projects, we can provide certified contractors with an exceptional gift for transforming concrete to the client’s requirements, giving it a clean and aesthetically beautiful finish. Prior to each concrete project, the professional must ensure that the area is adequately prepared and ready to receive the material. Our team of industry experts is also ready to provide you with a free consultation on types of concrete finishes or designs. Call your local certified contractors that specialize in the design, installation, and repair of concrete.

Our Concrete Services Includes:

Framing Contractor

With any construction job, framing is the most important part of the whole project, since it determines on the stability and quality of the whole structure. We are proud to have a team of framing experts leading the industry in Nassau County and surrounding areas. Working with the best techniques and tools that help us to provide you with quality, affordable and safe frames. 

Not only do we have specialized techniques but also we have been working for more than 20 years with high precision of first quality that leads us to deliver an impeccable construction. 

If you’re looking for a farming contractor, it’s important to do your research and hire someone who can provide you with the quality and service you need. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a framer or contractor:

Basement Finishing

These days, homeowners don’t wish to see any corner of their home to look anything but spectacular. Every year families realize that their basement has become too small and some decide to create a space to recreate and share with family and friends. Others decide to create a workspace or even a laundry room. 

Wouldn’t it be great to take your ideas from concept to creation? 

When it comes to your home, you deserve more than just an average basement. We take care of all the little details for you, which means there’s no need to worry about any interruptions in service during the duration of the project. We are committed to making to your satisfaction.

Work with an experienced team that specializes in custom home basements. It starts with an analysis of the your needs and preferences, then the planning phase ends with finalizing the scope and budget. We offer a selection of basement designs, levels, materials, styles, and equipment options for you to choose from. Once the design is finalized, we begin construction. The finished project is delivered on time and on a budget to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished basement project.

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